Investor Real Estate Accounts

For real estate investors to keep track of their properties rental performance and tax information in one place.

This service allows investors to use projected and historical performance information and use it to make the relevant comparisons and produce a investor dashboard as well as performance review by property.

We allow you to store the projected numbers you had prior to making the investment, and compare them to actual tax filing numbers you file every year for each property in your portfolio.

Accounts for Tax

This service was designed with the goal to make the most efficient use of rental income tax calculations.

  • enter the minimum data required to file tax forms for real estate rentals.
  • display result in format consistent with the IRS forms that need filing or in summary form.
  • upload bills from your computer and mobile phone to our document vault and categorise expenses as soon as they are incurred
  • keep record on all you properties over several years in one convenient place.

Investment Review

This service gives you the means to compare your predicted rental profitability with the actual income filed:

  • assess your properties actual track record profitability vs prior expectations
  • dispplay common rental property performance metrics
  • review how well your investments are doing, identify what requires further attention.

Whether you file tax yourself or get a tax preparation specialist to do it for you, you will need to get these numbers ready for each property. Using our service allows you to use these numbers to review your accounts annually and compare them with your investment assumptions.