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Florida RE Investing from Korea

first posted: 2017-09-03 12:18:47.239309

As arms race of the north korean regime gets a lot of attention from the US, I look at how Daniel Ryu, a korean investor, approached investment in Florida.

Here is his blog post on how he started investing in the US on

His whirlwind presentation of investing can appear unstructured and overwhelming, but I believe there is a wealth of material and ideas there. Main points are to leverage internet resources to determine high potential areas and other people experience.

One caveat however, note that this bubbly article is from 2015, Daniel was investing at a property price point that was very low 50k and highly lucrative with rent of 1k. The market has become more expensive, and you might be not find houses at these prices in these areas. I contacted Daniel, and while he is happy of the performance of that particular home, he decided not to buy more SFH. He found an experienced business partner to pivot into the world of trailer parks.

The picture below shows the shortest flight path (12,000km) from Korea to Florida. img

Geodesic trajectory generated with great circle map.

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