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Manage your property manager

first posted: 2019-06-11 05:05:13.125196

The best time to discuss things is when you are hiring a property manage. Here are the points that should be discussed:

  • business setup
  • management details
  • automation and reporting
  • management fee structure

Business Setup

  • how many units they manage, what is their vacancy
  • what property types and locations
  • how many staffs,
  • since when and how did they get into this job,


  • tenant screening,
  • tenant turns, turn/vacancy length
  • dealing with late or non-paying tenants,
  • tenant calls/work orders,
  • city violations
  • what tenancy length do they achieve

Automation and Reporting

  • do they have a payments' portal for tenants
  • do they use appfolio or propertyware


  • what is the annual fee (standard is 8% to 10%)
  • cost of advertising (1/2 month of rent to 1 month of rent)
  • any extra for lease renewal with same tenant?
  • any extra for annual inspection ?

Paying 1 month of rent for a new tenant means that you are losing 8% of the rent of the year. This almost doubles the cost of management for that year.


Here is a good article from listenmoneymatters on how to evaluate a property manager

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