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Covid exodus to Sunbelt

first posted: 2022-06-09 17:29:08.895667

This article by Axos and this one by paint a conventional picture of demographics evolution under covid.


Population leaves NYC, SF and Los Angeles at rates of 3.5% to 2% per year, This is very high (Detroit or Rochester had a typical 0.5% of residents leaving per year in their hard years). At the same time, we see many dynamic cities growing above 4% annualized, with some small cities growing 10% and Cape Coral growing more than 6%.

This is just a continuation of the last 20 years' trend.

As a meta comment about data presentation, we see that presents cities growing fast but does not self-censor itself when by not naming cities losing population. This might be because losing population is associated with losing desirability and lower prices.

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