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Latam Real Estate

first posted: 2023-01-26 06:49:38.681803

Latam is an interesting destination for investment as it often with a plan B residency permit.


Medellin, Image Credit: Wikiccomons.

For GDP/Capita comparison the local giants, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil stand at 11k, 10k and 7k per year.


A quiet plan B country nestled between Brazil and Argentina with mostly european population

  • Half of the 5m population lives in Montevideo, GDP/capita $17k, which is slightly higher than Chile
  • income requirement of $1500/month and 6m+ requirements or buy 400k of real estate and stay 60 days.
  • 5.6% gross yields in the 4% to 9% area
  • higher yields on expat flats renting at 3k
  • rental income tax at 12%, territorial for first 10y
  • less unsafe
  • guruguay does not suggest a real estate agent on her website
  • overseaproperty talks about 2014 prices and recommends contacting reynoldspropiedades
  • nomadist map of montevideo


  • GDP/capita $14k,
  • permanent residence scheme for housing around 300k, no stay required
  • rental yield 6.7%
  • overbuilt, new builds have renters preference, much vacancy
  • income tax at 5%
  • less unsafe
  • serveral influencers recommend not to buy in Panama: endless new better construction lead to oversupply and high vacancy.

Costa Rica

  • GDP/capita $12k,
  • many income based visas, territorial tax, stay required
  • 6.3% gross yield
  • income tax at 15%, territorial
  • relatively unsafe


  • GDP/capita $10k,
  • Investable city are Playa del Carmen, Tulum
  • playing on nomads staying for month, not tourists staying weeks
  • yield at 4%
  • income tax at 25%
  • permanent residence for purchase of home with value of 170k, no stay required,
  • can also get 4Y residence/permanent residence with proof of assets.
  • unsafe outside expat enclaves


  • GDP/capita $6k,
  • Investable city are Carthagena and Medelin. The wandering investor advises against Bogota, for Medelin.
  • yield at 6.4% for Bogota but above 10% with highend airbnb flat for US expat
  • income tax at 26%
  • permanent residence for purchase of home with value of 150k, no stay required has been cancelled
  • Gustavo Petro elected in Aug 2022, this is the first ever left wing Colombian president.
  • safety: no dar papaya

Update 20230216: According to sovereign man research, the permanent residence deal in Colombia has been discontinued. Buyer only now gets temporary residence, needs to show up every 6 month in the country and will be upgraded to permanent after 5Y. Citizenship path now takes 10y while it used to be a back-pocket deal. I would suggest to not buy in Colombia so as not to reward bad behavior.


  • gross yield 5.7% (2% in Buenos Aires, which means negative net)
  • income tax at 21%, cgt 15%, wealth tax
  • no indexation of rent on inflation
  • can renegotiate every 2 years, there was rent control from 1943 to 1979.

Other countries

  • Brazil 5.3%
  • Chile 4.9%
  • Paraguay: assuncion 3%, tax at 10%

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