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  1. NO (but if you really want I can check it out.655k 5f elevator far from metro: -> I like the light, the green
  2. no 830k 3f no elev, near metro, balcony Keith NOTE: very good but too expensive
  3. no 620k 4f no balcony tenant --> not ok: no balcony, narrow room access to street light even in main room. LINK?
  4. NO 695k shop 2F? don't undertstand who we can lease to
  5. NO 725k shop 1F Keith note , low ceilings, not impressive rent 3500
  6. tenant pb not solved 700k 2f has tenant Keith note, Great but tenant problem. Price is 675.000TL all in, but probably tenant would need to be compensated...owners not willing to deal with issue building really bad, can be made 2 flats
  7. 550k 4f good frontage, good light no lift good price
  8. sold 650k elev 7f office facade strange bay window compared to room layout
  9. 600k 1f balcony office "solid" good frontage, big balcony...just a bit far to metro...10 min walk, ...Keith NOTE not best neighborhood...not as good as 35, similar to 33, better layout than 33.
  10. no 750k 7f balcony elev office active rd but closed at night
  11. NO 400k 55m2 Keith note, net was 40 -45 sqm max,4f elev balcony small but good light
  12. no 650k office --> not ok, windows start 4ft above floor, cannot see outside when seated
  13. no 650k this is duplicate with 12
  14. no 425k ground floor level? not a good choice
  15. NO 625k 3F, elevator good light location as number 7 and 8 THEY INCREASED PRICE FROM 625 to 800!!!
  16. 475k studio 2f no lift balcony
  17. 1500k high ceiling A location Keith note: two thumbs up
  18. no 1400k no good
  19. no 1850k 5f 110sqm elev balc small Galata tower view
  20. no 1650k shared terrace 4f small balc+ terrace bosph view
  21. 900k 3f small balc partial bosph view!!!
  22. no 1800k 3F no lift nice old building overpriced? PRICE RAISED to 275K
  23. 750k 1f balc, cheap, need to repaint inside
  24. no 975k need lower price 3f balc
  25. no 1500k overpriced 4f no elev balc
  26. NO 1850k A+ location 3f no elev balc PRICE RAISED TO 2.2
  27. NO 1950k 4f small balc no lift! overpriced
  28. no 900k 4f no lift
  29. no cf 32 750k 3F nice, need reno looks identical pics to
  30. NO price go up 800k building not nice
  31. NO agent no reply 600k 2f need reno, pictures do not allow to judge of the layout
  32. realtor quoting higher price? 745k 3F nice, need reno Keith note, good big apartment, great light, very suitable for renovation. Would be good buy at around 700: rational is that it would cost about 200.000TL for renovation and then it would be getting close to psychological barrier of 1 mil TL...but very nice, solid location (identical pics to
  33. 540k 3 tiny rooms!!! v small unless can repartition layout Keith note: pretty good. room could be joined to make bigger living, kichen could opened. Just a very very little bit further to metro than desired
  34. 950k 4F no elev, clean but expensive
  35. sale pending 600k 3F nice, need reno, but one Bedroom less light Keith NOTE was impressed, good solid value
  36. NO 550k ?F 115sqm,Keith NOTE..nothing too great
  37. (I sent video today. Asking 650.000TL, 90 sqm, elevator, balcony (bay window can be opened up), terrace potential but no guarantee. Keith NOTE can be quite attractive at right price but not 650, maybe if 625 including all costs.