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Trendy Home Fixtures that Push House Prices Up

first posted: 2019-05-04 10:03:03.099468

This is a short one for this month. Zillow compiled for us a list of home improvements and their correlation with higher comps.

Here are the latest trends according to Zillow:

  • a steam oven is correlated with a 34% premium over other listings
  • a steam shower has a 30.7% correlation
  • heated floor has a 26.2% correlation
  • wine cellar see a boost in price by 31%
  • pot filler faucet (faucet 13" above countertop) see price higher by 27%
  • outdoor kitchen see a price boost of 24%
  • waterfall countertop see a higher price by 26%
  • a pergola bring price up 7.2%


image credit: designer appliance blog

This comes with the caveat that correlation is not causation.

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