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Suburban Rents increase Less

first posted: 2023-06-10 11:04:15.240627

Here are two noteworthy articles mentioned by arbor, a commercial lender, newsletter:


image: Tract housing, credit: wikicommons

  • multifamily dive comments that suburbs still beat the urban cores for residential
  • yardi matrix reports on the rents evolution, which is nearly 0% nominal compared to last year, so it has not protected landlords from inflation this year.

Update on corporate ownership of homes

according to this congressional report,

  • reits own 0.7% of single unit housing stock
  • real estate corporations own 0.4%
  • individual investors, and pass through entities own 72% and 14%

ownership by real estate corp is much higher at 10% for 100-150 units multi-family properties.

Historical Performance is as follow

  • State, Net Yield (on mkt value), Net ROI, Gross Yield
  • AZ: 4.8% 11.5% 22%
  • FL: 5% 12.6% 22%
  • GA: 3.7% 10.5% 23%
  • MO: 3.4% 6.4% 12%
  • NC: 3.6% 8.1% 15%
  • TX: 3.5% 6.5% 14%

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