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Best Articles... (in this blog)

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I describe my real estate journey in this link.

Here is a selection of articles in this blog that give a good introduction to the topic of US real estate:

US real-estate market

Here are some popular in-depth articles on the US real-estate market:

  • Invest for price appreciation or rental yield 2016, we explain that differential appreciation on class A property is likely due to rates going down in the last 30y, and class B, C properties are likely to outperform on a total return basis
  • Can we spot trends in residential real estate prices 2016, trends persist in real-estate as sale commissions limit arbitrage. Besides, different cities have different long term trends
  • An Economic Geography of the United States 2016, we identify long-term population trends based on census data, dynamic cities can double in size over 15 years. In contrast, blighted cities take 50 years for their populations to halve. Those trends are very sticky and can last 70 years.
  • Posh Grocery Store Affordability Index, 2018, we filter for dynamism based on census population growth and control for neighborhood quality by checking a Trader Joe and Whole Foods presence in the zip code. Indianapolis and Atlanta are identified as the most affordable dynamic cities
  • Large portfolio of houses: an asset class since 2012 2019, we review the conditions for the rise of the institutional investor, and the reasons why their growth period is now over.
  • Affordable House Price Inflation? 2021, We first explain that the engines of US GDP growth and inflation are tuition fees and healthcare costs and that house price inflation was relatively low in the past decades. We review the reasons why affordable house prices have been growing faster in 2021.

International Real Estate

  • France Real Estate a lifestyle market, where politics are hostile to landlords
  • UK Real Estate an investable market where much of the growth occurred in 95 to 01 for London properties, and the rest of England caught up until 2004.
  • Japan Real Estate an investable market where one needs to beware of high depreciation
  • Dubai Real Estate an oversupplied market where estate agent push bullish headlines
  • Turkey Real Estate a lifestyle city, with substantial fx risk, a dynamic economy and lower house price due to prohibitively high rates
  • Lisbon Real Estate a lifestyle city with high house prices due to Euro

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