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Citizenship By Investment Programs

While Richard Branson obtained residence in the British Virgin Islands, laws change and it is now possible to obtain permanent residence in the BVI only by residing there for 20 years without leaving the islands more than 90 days in any given year.

There are other countries in that area that will let you obtain citizenship without much residence criteria (although criteria do change):

  • Name, GDP/c, pop, area, cbi cost, higher marginal income tax on resident
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis 19k, 50k, area 269km2, 150k donation, no income tax on residents
  • Antigua and Barbados 16k, 90k, 440km2, 100k donation, 20% income tax on residents
  • St Lucia 10k, 90k, 617km2, 0 interest 250k covid19 bond or 100k donation, 30% income tax on residents
  • Grenada 10k, 111k,348km2, 30% income tax on residents
  • St Vincent et Grenadines 7k, 110k,389km2, 32.5% income tax on residents
  • Vanuatu: 3k, 292k, 4700km2, the latter is a pacific island

It should be noted that only St Kitts and Nevis has lower tax level. The other countries have relatively high tax on all worldwide income, so that obtaining citizenship there does not entail obtaining PR in a low income tax or territorial tax country.

A very different proposition is Turkey since 2018: 10k, 80m, 783,000km2, 250k real estate investment, income taxed at 30%. What is different here is that the investment can earn money, whereas the carribean countries are ostentatiously asking for donations.